DfeatGnCx9PxR2p967yGI_tafpnTClaX3-fOt-QJCjw,fX5Sp-dvbHDCqgGSMRpvwBKcwaWE421lS0omwxsriukI began my journey as an artist in early childhood. I always loved the freedom that it brought to draw on a completely empty white piece of paper. The freedom to be as creative as I wanted. The freedom to create¬†art and to not be “judged” in what I was doing.

The inspiration for my drawings derive from a passion of color and composition. I enjoy how color, light, and reflectivity react with each other to create a visually appealing drawing.

I received my formal training at Bowling Green State University’s School of Art and studied under Dennis Wojtkiewicz. I currently work out of my home studio in Cincinnati Ohio.